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Side Effects Related to Overconsumption of Coffee

Coffee has become a fuel for daily grind. Many students are getting addicted to coffee. The use of coffee is getting so common that most students can’t even move without taking it. Students have to stay awake at nights for completing their assignments, and projects. Also, they use coffee in the morning for getting energy. This keeps them energised for the whole day. Because caffeine’s presence, coffee helps boost up your energy. It energises your mental, as well as physical activities . Coffee is a very good option for students and all other people. The only thing is that you have to take care of your daily consumptions. It can be safe, and good for you through such consumptions. It can also cause serious, and unpleasant effects if you consume too much of it. The effects are dependent on consumption rate of coffee. Another very important thing to note is that your genes have a major role in it. You can understand in this way that coffee consumption's effects are dependent on your g