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Knowing The Differences Between Academic And Creative Writing

Knowing the difference between academic, and creative writing is very important. Both writing styles work in opposite ways. Academic writing is structured, concise, focused, and evident with the help of evidence. The main purpose of academic writing is to develop the reader's understanding. This writing style has a formal tone and style as well. It is not complex, and does not have long sentences either. It usually does not have very complex writing. Creative writing focus on symbolic, or imaginative content which does not need evidence. It is usually presented to entertain, inspire, or provoke the user. They are easy to read, and free from complexity. Anyone can read them, and get help from them in real life. This article presents how creative writing differs from academic writing . Structure For academic writing, there are different guides present like that of APA, or Harvard. These guides guide you in terms of format, and selection of other things. These things include margins,