How To Publish Dissertation With Creative Commons License?

How To Publish Dissertation With Creative Commons License?
Dissertations are an essential part of postgraduate studies in academic life. A student works on a unique topic and problem in academic life to complete a research project. In recent times, publishing a dissertation has become a common trend. It provides easy access for readers, relevant companies and scholars to get data from the content and then use it for further studies and implications. There are rules and regulations to protect the data and intellectual property of a scholar. Various types of journals and databases are the ways to protect and publish dissertation.

Creative Commons License (CCL) is the best example of a free, public copyrights channel to protect the data and provide free access. With this type of license, it is possible to publish dissertation for commercial use. There are some important conditions and rules to publish dissertation like copyright and commercial use of thesis. If you don’t know the rules, you can get dissertation help for publication. This article overviews the process and steps about how to publish a dissertation with CCL for commercial use. It also focuses on types of CCL and the benefits of publishing a dissertation through this tool.

Point and Requirements to Publish Dissertation with Creative Commons License

Various points are critical to review and consider a dissertation for publishing. The first is the topic and findings must be original, and there is no plagiarised content. Results and findings should support the problem statement and follow the standards of CCL. To make the study valid and authentic, it is vital to publish dissertation with an appropriate selection of CCL types and rules. Publishing journals must get quality work to publish and follow the market's needs. The thesis that contains plagiarised content and biased arguments should not publish. Revise and proofread the content before publishing the dissertation with CCL. These are points and requirements that are critical to follow for publishing a dissertation.

Types of Creative Commons License for Publishing Dissertation

CCL has various types according to the choice of the scholar to publish the dissertation. These types enable the students to select appropriate types which meet their needs and journals publishing requirements. CCL has an attribution type that allows the readers to copy, use and apply the content for other specific needs. It is a preferable way of CCL that journals demand to publish dissertation. The other type is CCL attribution share-alike which is also available for commercial use. In No-derivatives, CCL allow to resubmit and copy data from the dissertation, but modifications are not allowed to distribute thesis information in other languages. The last is a non-commercial type of publishing a thesis under CCL. It permits only educational data use and restricts commercial use of the dissertation. These are common types of CCL to publish a thesis for copyright.

Steps for Publishing Dissertation with Creative Commons License

After selecting CCL, the next step is to publish a dissertation which is possible with proper selection of steps and following the publishing agency standards. Many steps make the dissertation more authentic, unique and ready to publish. Following are significant steps involved in the publishing of a dissertation.

Select Journal

It is crucial to select a well-reputed journal that is according to the field of study. It is vital to overview different journals and select one to publish dissertation. For example, if a dissertation is related human resources, then do not publish it in a journal of financial management. These are essential considerations that make it easy to select the best journal to publish dissertation without any issue.

Overview Journal Standards

Every database, journal and publishing institute have different content publishing standards. It is important to follow these rules and requirements to publish dissertation. If the scholar does not follow these terms and conditions, it leads to submission failure. Thus, the study must look at journals standards to avoid resubmission.

Check Formatting

Journals follow a specific formatting style that is different from all available styles. Every journal has specific layouts and graphics, which are essential to consider when publishing a thesis. Firstly, ensure there is a single way of referencing system, then check the format as per the selected style. After that, present the research for the purpose of publishing with CCL.

Cross-Check References

There are two parts of references in the academic dissertation. The first consists of in-text citations, while the second consists of references. There should be similarities between in-text citation and references; otherwise, this issue will lead to complications in your submission. The difference in citation and end references results in vague sources of information. Thus, it is vital to cross-check citations and references before the final submission.

Modification of Chapters

The academic dissertation is full of information and facts that are necessary to get good grades. But professional submission is different from academic purpose. There is a need to write chapters in a short form with all important points. Updated abstract and methods should consist of relevant information. Discussion and results must prove the arguments. It helps to publish dissertation and reduce the chances of failure.

Proofread Dissertation

It is a crucial point that looks at all new changes and modifications in the dissertation. If there is a need for any improvement, it is possible with this step. Grammar, punctuation and formatting are the primary focus of this step. It is like editing and proofreading the thesis to make it ready for publishing.

Final Submission

After following all these points, proofread your paper and make sure it is free from all above-mentioned errors.


It is easy to publish the dissertation in the selected journals with CCL. It helps the readers and students to get information through easy and free access. There is a need for some points and requirements to follow and publish a thesis in a well-structured journal. For this purpose, the selection of relevant field journals is important. After that, follow the steps and standards to publish dissertation. These steps help students to achieve the aim of publishing a dissertation with CCL.

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