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Originality in a dissertation is the first thing that teachers check. Students who are busy doing other things believe they cannot produce original work for their dissertation. Therefore, they look to hire a dissertation service that can provide them with 100% original work. Let me tell you one thing: If you are also looking for such a service, then The Academic Papers UK is the best solution for dissertation writing. This writing service has all the capabilities to ensure the originality of your dissertation work. In today's article, I will talk about how this service maintains 100% originality. So, let's get started with today's discussion.

How does The Academic Papers UK maintain 100% originality?

This dissertation writing service has been assisting students in their academic writing for the last 10 years. This much experience and other things enable them to deliver quality original work. Now, you must be thinking about what those other things are. Hence, let's not make you wait further. A brief description of some of its prominent features is as follows:

Hire only qualified writers

The best thing about the dissertation writing service is that it only hires qualified writers. Before getting hired, the writers need to pass various tests designed to check writers' ability to produce original work. Moreover, The Academic Papers UK does not hire a writer who has a qualification less than a master's degree. Holding a master's degree is mandatory for each writer to be hired. So, this way, by hiring only qualified writers, this service ensures 100% originality.

Rigorous policy against plagiarism

Plagiarism is fatal for your dissertation. A dissertation is said to be original only if it contains 0% plagiarism. A dissertation is neither original nor unique if there is even a small amount of plagiarism. Therefore, Academic Papers UK takes this concern very seriously. It has a very strict policy against plagiarism. All the written content passes through various plagiarism checking tools like Turnitin. This service sends your document back to the writers upon identification of plagiarism.

Provide in-text citations and references

The in-text citations and references are mandatory for a dissertation to be original and unique. If you use the data of others in your dissertation without proper reference, it is considered plagiarism, which is not allowed. Therefore, The Academic Papers UK is very aware of this concern of students. It provides in-text citations and references for all the data they use for research to make the content credible. Proper data reference means that your dissertation is original and unique.


To summarise, The Academic Papers UK is the best service for all of you. It has all the capabilities that a dissertation writing service must-have. It has highly qualified and experienced writers to work on your dissertation. Access to the plagiarism checking software means that it will deliver you only original work free from plagiarism. With all these things, you do not need to worry about your dissertation's originality.

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